December 3

This Sunday is the beginning of Advent, and our theme this year revolves around the concept of home. Each week we'll explore a different aspect of what home should be for God's people.



We'll begin with a look at the stories of Elizabeth and Mary, and how home is a place for learning and spiritual growth. 



If you require a paper copy of the songs or sermon for use during the service, ask an Usher.



Ushers: Liz D, Marilyn B

Coffee: Ralph & Paula W

Sunday School will be learning about Noah in Genesis 8/9: Amanda, Ayanna, JoAnne, Miriam

Nursery: Judy V, Cadence T, Holly W

Projection: Ben B

Sound: Ed B

Elders: Calvin K, Dale S

Deacons: Esther W, Cynthia K



Order of Service

Welcome and Lighting of the Advent Candle 

The First Noel 

God’s Greeting 

Here I Am to Worship

Who You Say I Am

The Blessing

Kids’ Message


Congregational Prayer 

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Scripture Reading: Luke 1:39-56

Closing Blessing 

O Holy Night


Next week we continue to look at the home God gives us, by reflecting on Genesis 2:18-25, and how home is a place where we can be vulnerable and authentic, and feel no shame. 




Ushers: Wayne F, Harry V

Coffee: Dick & Arlene W

Sunday School will be talking about Babel in Genesis 11: Stephanie, Peyton, Jessica H, Isabella

Nursery: Kristen H, Lubbie B

Projection: Tyler Prinzen

Sound: Albert F

Elders: Kevin K, Jella P

Deacons: Marilyn B, Jeanette L



December 3

Deacons Collect Non-Perishables for the Food Bank


December 4

7 p.m. Friendship Group


December 5

1 p.m. Stitchers, Knitters, Quilters & Crafters

7 p.m. GEMS –  Lesson 4 and Bible Badge

7 p.m. Cadets – Activity Night


December 6

9:30 a.m. Ladies Coffee Break


December 7

7 p.m.  Council Meeting


December 11

7 p.m.  Friendship Christmas Concert – All Welcome!


December 12

1 p.m. Stitchers, Knitters, Quilters & Crafters

7 p.m. GEMS –  Christmas Lights – meet at the church

7 p.m. Cadets – Bible & Badge Night


December 13

9:30 a.m. Ladies Coffee Break

7 p.m. Committee of Administration Meeting


December 14

7 p.m. Elders Meeting


December 17

6 p.m. Christmas Sweater Service




Congratulations to Jon K (2), John T (3), Jessica H (4), Elsie K (4), Sonja H (5), Kathy M (6), Faith F (7), Art V (7) celebrating birthdays!



We continue to pray for those in our church family and community who are dealing with illness and ongoing treatments: Pete, Hil, Aky, Yvonne, and Shawn. We trust that God will continue to give them all that they stand in need of. 



Please update your directory with Audrey K’s new address: contact the office for this info!


Dear Congregation: We always knew we lived in a caring congregation. As we lost, or rather say Janet passed into Glory, you showed us your love and support. She is in Glory and we are thankful to God for that. She always loved to be in your midst. Thank you, from John V & Family


THE TRENTON WARMING CENTRE: The Trenton Warming Centre will again open their overnight space for the men and women in our neighbourhood who are without proper housing. Please consider volunteering your time. Shifts run from 7:30-10 p.m. Contact Gary H for more information.  



COLLECTING FOR THREE OAKS: Three Oaks offers free services for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. They require women’s and children’s socks, slippers, pajamas, scarves, hats, mittens,  toothpaste, toothbrushes.  Pls donate until Sun Dec 17th.



GRACE INN OPEN HOUSE: On Dec 7, Grace Inn will have an open house drop-in from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to get an insightful look into the lives of those experiencing homelessness.



THE SAFE CHURCH COMMITTEE THANKS all those who attended the safe church training at the congregational meeting last Thursday night.  For those of you who attended but didn't have a chance to sign the attendance book, could you please contact the office as soon as possible.  For those who were unable to attend, could you also reach out to the office to be advised of our alternative training opportunities. 



If anyone has questions about the presentation or is in need of support because they were affected by the content of the presentation in any way, please feel free to reach out to a trusted council member or any of the members of the Safe Church Team (Judy V, Kevin K, Magdalyn P, Sam R or Sonja H).  




Ebenezer’s anticipated budget as of November 27, 2023: $386,859

Actual giving: $314,101

Shortfall: $  72,758



DECEMBER 3 OFFERING: The 2nd offering is for Grace Inn Shelter of Belleville, an interdenominationally run shelter for those experiencing homelessness. The Grace Inn is housing homeless adults in a safe, dignified and hospitable environment, by meeting essential needs, providing compassionate mentors, and advocating for a future with hope. graceinnshelter.com



DECEMBER 10 OFFERING: This offering is for the 4th quarterly budget so we may meet our budgetary, denominational and classical shares.

Affordable Housing Non-Profit Update

Connect Quinte Affordable Housing Corporation


To the Ebenezer family, 


from the Affordable Housing Team - now called Connect Quinte


So much has happened in the last 8 months.  Here is a quick review followed by an update on what is currently on the horizon for the housing non-profit, Connect Quinte, formed by Ebenezer Church.


Ebenezer’s Connections Committee conducted a survey process in November of 2022 which included workshops and guest speakers at Ebenezer and community engagement to discern what the church’s strengths are and what the greatest needs are in the community.  The overwhelming answer from this initiative was the need for affordable housing and that Ebenezer is both gifted and passionate to help in this area.


Out of this, Ebenezer council formed a sub-committee in March of 2023 to discern the feasibility of engaging in an affordable housing project.


This  sub-committee submitted recommendations to church council in September and the following were accepted by your council: 


1.  That the Affordable Housing sub-committee dissolve, and that a charitable non-profit corporation be formed.  The mandate of this new non-profit would be to promote, develop and operate non-profit residential accommodations and incidental facilities exclusively for persons of low income, senior citizens or disabled persons primarily of low or modest income.


2.  That a Board of Directors be established to oversee the non-profit corporation.


3.  That the non-profit charitable corporation continue to explore feasible affordable housing initiatives that explicitly facilitate ministry opportunities (such as prayer, volunteerism, financial support, etc.) for the entire Ebenezer Church family and potentially other local churches.


4.  That Ebenezer CRC council allocate $2,500 towards the non-profit corporation in order to aid in startup costs, including fees to register for the creation of a non-profit charitable organization, initial legal consultation, etc.  These funds would be required in the current year.


All 4 of these recommendations have already been completed.

Here is what’s happening now: 


1.  The team meets monthly and has an 8 person board of directors with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives, some who are not members of Ebenezer.


2.  We have a name and logo - Connect Quinte Affordable Housing.  It’s called Connect because we feel the most important value for us is to foster connections - connection with God our provider, connections with affordable housing stakeholders and connections with those on the margins who may be experiencing inappropriate housing and therefore a lack of connection and belonging.


3.  We have already fostered relationships with City officials, councillors, local developers, legal professionals and organizations specifically in regards to the City-owned property on College St.  This parcel of land is earmarked for a 40 unit affordable housing project.


4.  We have been invited to be a member of the City’s Housing Action Table.  This group strives to engage housing opportunities that are in line with the City’s plans.


5.  We are actively negotiating with the City to increase funding for affordable housing projects in Trenton.  


6.  Our group has catalyzed collaborative discussions with interested parties to intensify interest and progress on developing the College St property.


7.  The board will continue to develop opportunities for the Ebenezer family to get involved.  There will soon be opportunity to give financially and volunteer once a direction is determined and a project is clearly specified.  For now we ask for your prayer support as we discern next steps.  More importantly, we ask that you pray for those who struggle with securing appropriate affordable housing and therefore are experiencing a lack of connection in our community.  


We want to thank you for your support thus far.  We will keep you informed on our progress and also opportunities to partner with us.  We would especially like to thank the deacons for making Ebenezer’s Christmas Day offering for Connect Quinte.  Our team is grateful for this commitment to carry forward our goal of initiating deeply affordable housing in Quinte West for those who need it most.


Lastly, below we have shared some feedback from our board members about the process thus far.  Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions or would like to get involved.  We look forward to partnering with you and the Quinte West community as we learn, grow and challenge ourselves to be more and more like Christ in all that we do.


Connect Quinte Affordable Housing Corporation


JEN KOORNNEEF- Connect Quinte is advocating, forming important partnerships and exploring viable affordable housing project options. I am optimistic that we will contribute to real and necessary change in Quinte West. I am learning patience, trusting that although things often take longer than we’d like we will continue to take steps forward. Connect Quinte is a great team and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this group and this work.  


MATT PONSTEIN - Since joining the board I have been impressed with how well the members work with each other. It is encouraging to see everyone using their skills to work towards a common goal.


DOUG JACKSON - I am amazed by how willing groups in Quinte West, in Belleville, and in the County as well as City Hall, are to share their ideas and experiences in providing a direction for us to go forward. Everyone seems to understand this has to be a joint effort to improve our communities, and they do not care whose name is attached to it.


SPENCER HUTCHISON - What strikes me every time we meet as a group or with others as we gather information is how, notwithstanding the general task at hand, to try and assist in tackling affordable housing in QW, we keep moving forward and every week another brick is put in place.  We have a plan, and it is being achieved.  We have submitted the incorporation documents, we have a logo, we have links to other community groups who will be great partners and we are becoming known to others in this quest.  We are in a very good space as we approach the end of 2023!


IRENE ROBBINS - it has been exciting to see all the progress that this group has been doing prior to my joining it. I have been encouraged to hear the creative, innovative ideas coming from members but also to see how each member has gifts to bring to the table. Connect is about reaching out, collaborating, communicating, and reaching out to network in the community to make this project possible. Meeting everyone has been a pleasure. 


GARY HAVEMAN - I've been impressed with the group discussion and dynamics, especially as we've added new members.  It feels like a good space to share and create, and that people want to take risks, grow and learn.  An example of this is working collaboratively to come up with a logo that reflects our core value (Connect). 


ADAM VEENSTRA - I'm excited by the opportunity to affect real positive change in our community, and I've been encouraged by the board members' desire to take that opportunity in new and creative ways together.